3rd Coppa della Garisenda, Berlinetta it’s up to you

3rd Coppa della Garisenda, Berlinetta it’s up to you

Another weekend of rallies, in the company of my faithful FIAT Berlinetta 508 1000 Miglia from 1935.

The goal this time was Emilia, for the third edition of the Garisenda Cup, organized by the Bologna Autostoriche Club.

The event is part of the ASI national calendar “tourist with tests” and in fact, in addition to the twenty regularity tests, there were many tourist ideas.

First of all, the conciliatory views of the hills of Modena and Reggio, with their villages detached from time such as Brescello, the poetic village of Don Camillo and Peppone, or Gualtieri, home of Ligabue (the beautiful museum room dedicated to him) and the ” tailor of the divas ”Umberto Tirelli (to see the collection of works honored to him by the greatest artists of the Italian twentieth century).

Without forgetting the Castle of Montegibbio and Parma, with its Palazzo Ducale and the large park (look for the greenhouse with the delicate double-flowered violet).

Then the motor valley, with a visit to the Dallara Academy, a futuristic training center that brings enthusiasts and professionals closer to the wonderful world of motorsport through a guided tour where experience has a priority role.

Finally, needless to say, the Emilian cuisine, rich and tasty, experimented in various declinations, and of course the wines, from Pignoletto to Lambrusco di Sorbara.

Thanks to Mario Sandrolini, president of the Bologna Club, and to all his team, for the frank friendliness and attention to detail that made every moment of the meeting perfect. And thanks also to my Berlinetta: at her age, five hundred kilometers in three days is a lot of effort!