1977 PORSCHE 911 S 2.700 COUPE-sold

1977 PORSCHE 911 S 2.700 COUPE- SUFFIX”K” unified bodywork

beautifully preserved, original plates, 5-speed gearbox

This beautiful example of Porsche 911 2700 is the most advanced of the model and one of the last 2449 produced in 1977.

All Porsche 2700s are cataloged with the suffixes G-1975, H-1976, J-1977.

This car instead has the suffix K-1978 and is already assembled on the unified bodywork of the 3,000 and the Carrera 3.0 which are also suffix K.

So the rear fenders are as wide as the 1978 bodies.

Sold new in Milan in 1978, it still has the original number plates from the first registration.

It is in totally original condition, both internally and externally.

The 121,000 km indicated on the instrument are believed to be the originals.

It is regularly MOT tested until July 2023 and is ready for use.

In 2021 it was classified as a car of historical and collectible interest and obtained the certificate of historical relevance from ASI.


MODEL 911 2.700 COUPE
YEAR 1977
CHASSIS N. 911.7.30 1484
ENGINE 911.81
CAPACITY 2687cc- 165CV
KM SHOWN 121.000
INTERIOR Black velour
OUTSIDE Metallic blue
OPTIONS Fuchs wheels

Car cover


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