MY VERY FIRST COPPA DELLA PERUGINA Cristiano Luzzago - Auto classiche, auto d'epoca, auto storiche, classic car


Dazzling historical cars, but also encounters with the Umbrian landscape, cultural and gastronomic beauties: it is the Coppa della Perugina, “the sweetest of historical re-enactments”, to which I took part for the first time in recent days. For the occasion, I removed the Aston Martin DB6 bodywork Touring Superleggera from my private garage, an unparalleled vehicle for convenience and reliability.

Three days in the green Umbria brought us to the most beautiful places in the Perugia area. We paraded on the shores of Lake Trasimeno, visiting Castiglione del Lago, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. We had fun riding without competitive ambitions on the Magione racetrack.

Once in Orvieto, a guide led us along the streets of the historic center, illustrating in detail all the beauties of the city, from the famous gothic style cathedral up to the stigmatic St. Patrick’s well, then having lunch in the dungeons of the nearby Castle of Titignano. We couldn’t miss the tour to the Perugina Museum, where a maître chocolatier entertained us with a cooking show on the preparation of pralines, then enjoyed with satisfaction by those present.

The event ended with the re-enactment of the historic circuit of the Coppa della Perugina and the awards ceremony at Città della Domenica, the wildlife park which offers a unique viewpoint over Perugia.

Thanks to my friend Ugo Amodeo, brilliant organizer of the event, and to all the staff, who did their best to confirm the top profile of the meeting.