2023 edition of Abruzzo Gran Tour and Avezzano circuit

After last year’s wonderful experience, in 2023 I have chosen to participate in the double Abruzzo Gran Tour-Circuito di Avezzano: the first for the possibility of getting to know an ever-changing regional territory better (this year, Teramo and its province); the second, for the pleasure of a ride which is above all an opportunity to see many friends from Italy and abroad.

For the participation I relied on my tried and tested Jaguar XK 120, a very comfortable car with excellent performance.
We left Avezzano on Wednesday 5th, we stopped at the Fortezza di Santo Spirito monastery and then had lunch on the Gran Sasso.

In the afternoon we reached Teramo, dedicating the entire following day to discovering its many architectural beauties and reaching Giulianova in the evening for a dinner overlooking the sea.
Friday, return to L’Aquila, with a stop at the Alantino refuge in Lucoli and the meeting at Rocca di Cambio with the participants of the Avezzano circuit alone. In the evening, gala dinner with the Di Lorenzo family in the Villa Seritti house-museum in Avezzano.
Saturday, the most awaited day, opened with a visit to the Fucino Space Center, to continue with a tour of Pescasseroli, Forca d’Acero and Campoli Appennino.

Back in Avezzano, we leave the cars on display in Piazza Risorgimento waiting for the night race.

As darkness fell, over one hundred historic boats, including, as usual, many rare and splendidly preserved pieces, started their engines to travel the streets of the center between two wings of cheering crowds.
Sunday, after the morning awards at the Teatro dei Marsi, I returned to Brescia bringing with me the memory of many pleasant moments.

Thanks as always to the host Felice Graziani and his staff, to the Promotor mechanics, to Giovanni Tesauro, here as speaker of the Circuit, and applause to a region, Abruzzo, which every year always manages to offer us new corners of unexpected beauty.