A Mercedes-Benz meeting in Mantua by Club 8 Volanti

A Mercedes-Benz meeting in Mantua by Club 8 Volanti

Another beautiful event of the 8 Volanti Club of Mantua, as always in the name of friendship and beautiful historic cars.

Far from the competitiveness of regularity races, and united by the desire to be in cheerful company, enjoy local delicacies, and appreciate the cultural beauties of Mantua and its surroundings, we met in Mantua on Sunday 29 May. The day was dedicated to Mercedes-Benz, and I, therefore, participated with a splendid 220 S Ponton Cabriolet from 1958.

The meeting point is the headquarters of Agricar, the historic Mercedes-Benz dealer in Brescia and sponsor of the event. In the forecourt of the dealership, a good number of historic cars of the German brand have gathered, representing various models from the 1950s to the 1990s.

The group then left in procession towards Mantua along picturesque secondary roads. Leaving the cars on display in the central Piazza Sordello, we went to the Palazzo d’Arco Museum for the guided tour. The house, with its many rooms (the one with the frescoes of the allegories of the zodiac is noteworthy) and its original furnishings from very distant times, is preserved with the utmost care and is worth a visit.

We then got back on board our cars to reach the bucolic Villa Schiarino Lena, in Porto Mantovano, where we enjoyed a delicious typical lunch.

Thanks to all the staff of the 8 Volanti Club for the perfect organization and see you soon again near Mantua.